Thursday, September 16, 2004

Ted Koppel - Tell Us It Ain't So!

Is Ted Koppel sleeping with Barbara Walters? Does Barbara Walters have some kind of dirt on Ted Koppel?

I like Ted Koppel but I'm worried. No, I'm scared - please hold me. Ted (notice I'm writing like he and I know each other when in actuality we have never met) is one of the last true news reporters on network TV. Oh, he has his little flaws like that hair piece (Ted, we know it is a hair piece so be a man and go bare headed we don't gave damn) but you can overlook that. True confession: I experimented with Grecian Formula this year so who am I to throw stones. Yet, he has been a real news person when everybody else is doing crap. He is no Jim Lehrer but who is?

Tonight he actually did a special on Barbara Walters. Do you realize tonight that we actually had a one hour news special about nothing more than another blindly ambitious half-talented news person? Is that metanews? I do not think I have to say anything more than that.

Why is it that people like Ted Koppel and Barbara Walters are so vain that they think we actually want to hear drivel about them? I am so tired of people who think they are "stars" being so full of themselves that they actually interview each other.

Important things are going on. No wonder the American public is profoundly stupid. You are what you eat and the networks are feeding us shit.

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