Thursday, September 16, 2004

Cheny A Coward? No, Just A Hypocrite

Okay. Let's see if we can straighten this out. Sen Harkin called Cheney a coward! Now, where I come from those are fighting words, and Tom Harkin hadn't ought of called our vice president a coward unless there is evidence to back it up. In the public interest I have decided to set down and attempt to sort of cypher out this mystery. The following is the result of my exhaustive examination of the evidence at hand:

Part 1
Kerry - volunteered for Vietnam and actually experienced combat.
Bush - "served proudly" in the Air National Guard but never attempted to actually prove his mettle in combat (unlike his father who DID put his life on the line).
Cheney - received five deferments and never served in the military.

Part 2
Kerry - after firsthand experience, actually in Vietnam, decided that he was against the war.
Bush - kept his mouth shut and partied his ass off.
Cheney - kept going to school and NEVER served in the military.

Part 3
Kerry - least Hawkish
Bush - moderately Hawkish
Cheney - extremely Hawkish


If anybody has evidence of Cheney actually showing physical courage such as rescuing someone at the peril of his own life, standing up to a bully, or any other act that would demonstrate real courage please let me know. "Standing up to the democrats" or "those commie bastards" is only rhetorical so we can not count that kind of nonsense. Until then, I will have to stick with my conviction that if I was going into a real fight Kerry would be the one who I would want on my side. Oh, he would probably whine about it latter but at least he would be there for you. Bush and Cheney have not been proven in any kind of real trial by fire. But, is Cheney a coward? No, he is just a hypocrite.


A. At least with these three men their tendency to be war mongers is inversely related to their actual military experience.
B. Republicans send democrats into combat to actually do the fighting .
B. Sen. Tom Harkin was incorrect to call Cheney a coward. He is just a belligerent, bullying, pathetic hypocrite.

Don't even tell me that Bush or Cheney have shown their courage in the fight against terrorism. Please. It is easy to act big with the Secret Service guarding you, and the whole United States military at your beck and call.

You know what I would pay good money to see? Let Cheney prove he is a big man. Put him and Saddam Hussein in their underwear and let them wrestle in pay-per-view. Just image what kind of world audiance that would have. Every Arab, and every red blooded American would be glued to their seats. I know I would. Who do you think would win?

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