Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I'll Take Sir Fergus Montgomery Any Day

Today the news reported that two American's were beheaded in Iraq. Today "President" Bush spoke to the United Nations and jutted out his jaw - the tough cowboy sticking to his guns still defying the opinion of the rest of the world. Bush still insists that Iraq and Afghanistan will be shining examples of democracy, but the military is having to go into next year's budget to finance the call up for troops that are going to be required for the elections. Gosh, those Iraq's sure show their gratitude in strange ways (beheading, and car bombs - those guys party scary). All of this and Bush is still leading in the polls.

Bush has had his chance. He was 100% right about Afghanistan although we have not finished the job. I was not sure going into Iraq if it was the right thing to do, but I thought that maybe Bush was right. I support the missile defense initiative, and I mention that to show that I am not 100% a liberal nut. What is wrong with being able to shoot down incoming missiles? Yet, Bush has blown it on Iraq. He has made our nation an outcast, he LIED about why we should be going into Iraq, and he has bungled the rebuilding of Iraq.

Will Kerry be better? I have no idea, but he will not be worse. Bush is a failed president who has LIED to us, and mismanaged our military might. Why are we so stupid about this?

Last night I heard a local newsperson say that 90% of the Iraq people support us. Why in the world did that bonehead say that? Is he some expert on Iraq? Does he have some inside information that nobody else has? How many people believed the stupid thing that said?

Well, Bush is leading in the polls and one thing remains absolutely true. The American people always get the president they deserve.

I met Sir Fergus Montgomery today. He is a member of the Conservative Party in England and a friend of Margaret Thatcher. He was a Conservative MP for many a year. He is living proof that conservatives do not have to be stupid, and that they can have a sense of humor. It is not conservatism that is dangerous, not at all, but a lack of intellectual depth. I'll take Sir Fergus Montgomery any day.

God bless Sir Fergus Montgomery, God bless England, God bless America, and God save us from George Bush. I'm not kidding. Ask yourself this. Is it pleasing in the eyes of God for us to do what we have done Iraq? I really do not think so.

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CCB said...

I thought of Sir Fergus today and so I Googled him and ran across your blog. I took a class from him in the Summer of 1996. He was awesome, indeed.