Friday, December 03, 2010

Denial of Freedom

Are we in China?  The government is now in the business of censoring what we can see on the internet.  So information about what our government is doing, all that embarrassing stuff, is now effectively classified with such truely horrendous stuff as child porn.  Here is what you get now instead of the Wikileaks page:

Why are all these extralegal steps being taken instead of using the courts?  Why did the real attack on Wikileaks start not with the military information but with the release of the diplomatic information and the talk about the site releasing massive amounts of banking data?  The argument that Wikileaks is risking lives is simply not true and is not the reason the site is being attacked. But, then again not only will we believe anything we will put up with anything this government decides to stick us with.

Is this the real reason we have this energetic attack on Wikileaks:

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