Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Portland Bomber

Mohamed Mohamud was cynically used by the FBI as a terror weapon.  Mohamed, a terrorist wannabe and overall sad case, was like putty in the hands of the agency which spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to create a threat that wasn't there yet.  This unsophisticated kid could eventually have proven dangerous and some intervention needed to be made, but he is no terror master mind.  By all accounts he was an emotionally unstable young man who was more angry at this family than anyone else after his parents divorce. 

Who was the real victim?  The people of Portland Oregon who were made to believe that somehow Mohamed was a real threat, and whose city was used for this theater of the absurd.  Mohamed was used to scare the American people and as a means of intimidation for the Muslim population.  An unintended, but not surprising, side effect has been the real fire bombing of the Salman Al Farisi Islamic Center in Corvallis, Oregon.   That  is widely believed to be related to the play acting drama that unfolded with such drama at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  Even the venue of the "bomb," had to have been picked with cynical care as something sure to raise the hackles of every red blooded American as this vile foreign threat attempted to violate such a scene of goodwill and harmony as a Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  Oh, it was probably a "holiday lighting ceremony." 

This high profile media event which was, at least at first, announced with a bit of hysteria in the media was overplayed.  There were many points earlier where he could have been arrested.  Instead the event was carefully orchestrated for the largest amount of drama and media play.  Kind of like a Sylvester Stallone movie.   You can't tell me that when that kid dialed that cell phone number and nothing happened there were not some law enforcement officials setting around laughing their heads off.

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