Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hebrew Lessons

The National Jewish Outreach Program runs a whole series of educational events throughout the United States and Canada. Perhaps the most well known is Shabbat Across America which Congregation Beth Shalom, of Columbia Missouri, has participated in during the last ten years and which is in the early planning stages for this year.

Currently the congregation is hosting a beginning Hebrew class using the material provided free of charge from the National Jewish Outreach Program.

Above is our head instructor, Irwin Kaye, instructing the Sunday morning class. On Sunday the first hour is a review and a tutorial and the second hour is the regularly scheduled class.

Two participants talk during the break between the tutorial and the regular class.

Below everyone gets back to work as learning commences after a short break.

Stay posted for a review of Alan Dershowitz's new video The Case for Israel coming soon.

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