Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Israel in Context: Congregation Beth Shalom Men's Club Lecture

On 20 January 2009, the Men's Club of Congregation Beth Shalom here in Columbia Missouri hosted Dr. Ben Schwarz. Here are two pictures of Dr. Schwarz taken during that presentation:

In less than a half hour Dr. Schwarz provided a brilliant overview of the situation in Israel which placed that nation within a wider historical and political context. You can listen to that lecture, including the discussion after the formal lecture, by using this embedded player:

Below is a picture taken during the question and answer period showing Dan Goldschmidt, the president of the Men's Club, listening to Dr. Schwarz
This event was well attended and most persons in attendance were strong supporters of Israel including outside guest from the local Christian community.

Hiding behind political correctness and misguided liberalism is no protection to Jews and never has been. Rather, that timid tendency by a minority or our people to remain silent or even align with those who attack our brothers and sisters is a curious malady. I think that peace, and coexistence, with the Palestinian people is not only possible but preferable, However, the Torah never advocates for Jews to stand aside and just take it. It did not work well during the Shoah and it will not work well now.

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