Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cain and Rotten Tomatoes

The effectiveness of Cain's campaign staff has come under scrutiny. Politico, as well as other media outlets have criticized how poorly his staff handled the crises that has come about from Cain's alleged womanizing. I do not think that is fair.

If I have a rotten tomato I cannot sell it because it is, well, rotten. It is a bad product nobody wants.  No matter how I market that tomato the fundamental inadequacy of the product is the real issue, not the way I am packaging it.   Arguably Cain's staff was inexperienced, but I don't know if even a political master mind like Karl Rove could salvage him. 

Message to Occupy:  Change Tactics

In military tactics a fixed position is vulnerable.  The physical tactic of occupying a given space by the Occupy movement makes it vulnerable.  Also, police are adapting their tactics to the peaceful  movement, and finding that a kinder gentler approach is more effective than the beat, pepper spray, grab, and snatch approach. Another issue is accessibility.

In Egypt the economy was, and is, even much worse than it is here.  This left multitudes of people with nothing better to do with their time than to go to Tahrir Square and hang out. This is not Egypt. At least not yet.

Not everyone can actively participate - the way the movement works now excludes many of those who would like to do more. But, who can afford to camp out for weeks on end?  Most occupy supporters have day jobs, families, kids, or at least gold fish that need some care. Therefore, the number of people who can participate is very limited. Expanding the protest toolbox might also might help what is at least a perceived problem.  There is a perception that the the Occupy movement has a tendency to attract some people that are unemployed not because there is a bad economy, but for other reasons that are not so palatable.

I don't have the answer.  All I know is that Occupy tactics need to change. The Occupy movement needs to involve more of the middle class, and also find a way to connect with the African American community as well as other minority groups.  Those things will not happen on there own without deliberate steps being taken.  Some tentative progress in that direction was taken when the unions became involved, but it was not enough.

I don't think the Occupy movement has the resources to take the next step.  I think that it is time for such groups as the NAACP, and other truth & justice movements to reach out to join our brothers and sisters who have been out there alone putting themselves on the line. 

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