Friday, September 02, 2011

Perry: Good News for Obama and Bad News for Romney

     The Republican lineup for the upcoming presidential election is filled mostly with nut cases or dilettantes.  Rick Perry, or "Bush on steroids" as one pundit called him, is now leading the pack in the Republican field for the nomination. However, Perry also calls to my mind the fictional character of Elmer Gantry.  Despite all that there is one fatal flaw in Perry's campaign.  Perry.
     Perry is so divorced from reality, having suffered sun stroke in the Texas heat (which is not caused by global warming by the way because that is a myth) that he will self-destruct in a general election.  His new book, Fed Up, is a childish rant filled with nonsense, and his stance on the issues is so untenable to the average person that he will end up failing in his bid for the presidency if he wins the nomination. He could win the nomination though.  That might be Obama's only hope.  Perry is so bad he makes Romney look good.  I am not kidding.  We are scrapping the bottom of the barrel.
     Obama has shown himself to be all show and no go.  He inherited a mess, but failed to capitalize on the fact that Bush created it.  Even with the house and the White House his presidency faltered while Boehner continues to bully him.  Boehner is disdainful and dismissive of Obama.   Most Republicans hate the president, and are more concerned with seeming him fail than that you or I have a job. 
     Richard Nixon was more liberal than Obama.  And, despite his personality disorder issues, it seems maybe a better president when you factor out Watergate and Vietnam. Obama has decided to be everything for everybody and as a result he is nothing to anybody.  Can he change this?  Maybe, but this time around people are going to want to see action rather than words.  Obama has talked enough.  Time for him to be president and lead rather than try to mediate or build a consensus.  The person who has the most power in a relationship is the one who cares about it the least.  
     The Republicans, and their devil children the Tea Party, have no respect for the president and will hound him out of town if things continue to go the way they are now.  That is unfortunate.  Not because I am such a big fan of Obama anymore, but because he is maybe the lesser of two evils.  The defeat of Obama could likely usher in the most right wing government this country has ever seen, and a government bought and paid for by the plutocracy which now mostly rules us anyway.

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