Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cameron Perfidity on London Riots

David Cameron has been able to take cover, using the smoke rising from the London riots, from the attention that was being turned toward his administration regarding the cell phone hacking scandal in England. I think that his comments to Parliament are hypocritical.

In his address he blamed parents, and promised unprecedented police powers  to get things under control. Cutting short his vacation he quickly tried to stake out the high moral ground sounding like a parson from the pulpit as he condemned the riots.  The actions of the rioters are in fact deplorable, but his public explanation of what is going on is too simplistic.   What he does not understand, or chooses to ignore, is the social conditions in England have led up to this riot with a large segment of the population feeling disenfranchised. 

What concerns me is that the rich and powerful are getting away with their criminal behavior using their power, influence, and control over the political process.  For them, the riots could not have come at a better time.

Riots like those that are happening in England, and those that occurred here in the United States during the tense days of the civil rights movement, do not happen in a vacuum.   They are deplorable, and they do need to be controlled.  But, there also needs to be an honest look at why people take to the streets.  Look at the lame excuses that middle east tyrants used to explain why people were rioting in their countries!  Their explanations were ludicrous, as are the explanations being given by David Cameron. 

Riots do not occur because of bad parenting.  They occur because of bad governing.

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