Monday, August 17, 2009

Hilary Clinton Channeling her Rage

I have been a big supporter of Hillary Clinton but her performance in Africa was not only puzzling but embarrassing. In my last post I spoke of the anger of the American right which is demonstrated on talk radio and in the angry combative reception given to Senator Arlen Specter during his town hall meetings. I was wrong. It is not just the right. This anger and incivility is endemic in our culture and you will see this kind of acting out on the left and the right as well as with our Secretary of State.

Here is the video of that shameful moment:

Hillary Clinton represents the United States and our country was not well represented with this tirade. I do not know the back story for this incident and I do not need to. We saw glimpses of this during the election when Obama started to overtake her in the polls but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. This time her behaviour cannot be ignored.

Secretary Clinton has long toiled under the shadow of her husband. Was it possible that Bill Clinton's involvement in affairs of state was one of the things that was bothering her? In the following video one of the freed women praises the "super cool team" that worked to free them. Bill, you dawg, young women still think of you as being cool and it looks like Uncle Al has loosened up a bit:

There are no excuses for this kind of behaviour at her level. It does not matter if her feet hurt, if she was upset that her 401K plan is tanking, if she was jet lagged, or just cranky for some unknown random reason. She is experienced enough to know that when your in the public eye and the cameras start rolling (for her they probably seldom stop rolling), it is time to cowboy up and smile nice. Also, she knows that Fox news is stalking her at every turn trying to find fodder for their kennel of attack dogs. Regrettably, I am starting to think maybe it was a good thing that she was not elected president since she does not have the poise and personal fortitude to sufficiently separate the professional and personal in her life.

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