Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Columbia Interfaith Thanksgiving Gathering

The Columbia Interfaith Council sponsored their annual Thanksgiving Celebration on November 25th, 2008. Below is the program of events, some pictures, and a video of the event. Interestingly enough EVERY organization represented in the program had a web site:


Program of Events:

Welcome - Rev. John Prenger and Rashed Nizam
Presentation of Proclamation - Mayor Darwin Hindman
Introductions - Virginia Bzdek

St. Thomas More Newman Center
Newman Players: Nancy Daniels, Terry Foitz, Bob Heinz, Erin Keys, Martha Pezold

Calvary Episcopal Parish
"The Keeper of the Tune" A Parable of Hope and Co-operation - Paula Robinson

Islamic Center of Central Missouri
Thanksgiving: Islamic Perspective - Imam Abdullah Smith

Hindu Temple and Community Center of Mid-Missouri
Satkaar: A Hindu Perspective on Thanksgiving by Dr. H.R. Chandrasekhar
Deepanjall: An Invocation dance by Nilla Palanlappan and Suyanshi Rawat
Hey Dayamal: A Prayer song for peace, togetherness and faith by Shubna Ratneshwar accompnied by AartiNagaka, Nila Paianiappan, Sidarth Kukikkad, Umla Kutikkadd

Friends Meeting (Quaker)
Quaker Poetry and Worship
Sherry Monroe, Sylvia Spotts, Nancy Finke

Congregation Beth Shalom

"What should we be grateful for?" Rabbi Yossi Feintuch
Poems written for the occasion by Jerry Perkoff

Nichiren Buddhist
Prayer for Peace: A Medley of Music and Recitations by Saka Gakkal International - Columbia Members

Baha'i Faith

Scriptural Reading - Tyree Byndom
Seek no Further - sung by Mark Stannard (composer) and Jeani Driscoll
Listen - by Red Grammar - guitarists; Jesca Byndom, Tyree Byndam, Jeani Driscall, Jeanette Rast, Mark Stannard
The Katalyzt's - sharing an original Composition - "Raisem"

Closing Blessing
Rev. John Prenger


Stealing the show was Nilla Palanlappan and Suyanshi Rawat with their invocation dance "Deepanjali:

A close second was poet Jerry Perkoff who read a hauntingly beautiful poem alluding to the shoah:

Mayor Darwin Hindman presented a proclamation, shown being accepted by Rev. John Prenger, in recognition of the event:

Last year this event was held at Congregation Beth Shalom, the local synagogue, soon after the new building was completed. This year the event was held at the University of Missouri, Columbia campus under the sponsorship of the Islamic Center of Central Missouri.

I think this event should be better attended, and covered in the media, as it is the only ongoing formal effort to bring divergent faiths together.

Columbia is on my short list of places I want to live. The other places on that list include New York; San Diego; Paris; and perversely Manhattan, Kansas. One reason I love it so much, like Manhattan, is that it is a college town with lots of diversity and a good deal of tolerance. The Columbia Interfaith Council represents a lot of the good things that Columbia is all about. Now here is the video:


Daddy Stan said...

Thank you for your service to the community. If you ever need something let me know. I am thinking about attending Columbia College next year.

Tyree Byndom

mike said...

You are welcome! Columbia College is a great school and we have lots of venues including day, evening, and online. Look me up and I will give you a tour.