Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shocking Expose of Welfare Cheats!

I have shocking, breaking news, with actual images of welfare cheats. Many times the Republican watchdogs and the big dog himself, President Bush, have warned us about how welfare cheats take money out of honest taxpayer pockets. I have to admit that I did not believe it until now.

I may sound like an ignoramus but these people need to go out and get a job just like I do. I work for my money and I don't want my tax dollars going to these bums who are too lazy to get off their rear ends and work. What is worse, is that this pattern is clearly generational with certain, unnamed, demographic and cultural groups that pass this behavior onto their offspring. We must find a way to break that cycle. So, imagine my delight in being able to offer you these exclusive images of actual welfare cheats. Yes, welfare cheats that are taking billions of dollars out of our pockets and holding our children's future ransom. Something needs to be done! Here are the shocking portraits. I wish I could have gotten them all but they are sneaky as heck and do not like to have their pictures taken - for obvious reasons:

You should be disgusted. We have yet another Bush "crisis" that has been years in the making. Once more Bush is urging us to make a hasty decision on the verge of a congressional recess about yet another ill defined problem with a sketchy thrown together solution.

What most American's do not realize is that we have just handed the auto industry 25 billion dollars, the government has already bailed out AIG, and we are asking to hurry up and hand over an additional 750 billion dollars.

Is the economy ready to collapse? All I know is that for many Americans it has already collapsed with record numbers of foreclosures. The same macho market capitalist that did not want to bail out the homeowners a couple of weeks ago are now begging on their knees for BILLIONS of dollars or they are being silent. They are absalutely shameless. No apologies, no statements from the wrong doers, no thanks, just a wane silence from those who have gone through the back doors of our political system.

I don't think the economic system would collapse. I think the economic system inhabited by the rich in this country would collapse but how does that effect most working Americans? I am not so sure that it does. There is a LOT of money to be made in usury and astute business people will find a way to make that happen.

I do give a tip of the hat though to the free market ideologist in the Republican party who have stuck to their guns and finally at this late hour in the Bush misadministration are balking at what has become known to us as "the plan." That mysterious deal which our leaders in their arrogance are making against the will of the American people - the left and the right. Here is a typical quote I found but the Internet is full of these self-righteous Patriots:

You do realise that if we stop being forced to contribute 30% of our paychecks to the federal government that we have to spend it? If we spend it, that boosts productivity, requiring the hiring of more individuals, thereby reducing the need for social programs?

You also do understand that it is absolutely NOT the federal governments requirement or obligation to provide a "safety net"?

How many times have I heard the following story:

I went to the grocery store and there was this fat women (they usually say fat because it helps drive home the point that the welfare recipiant is not only no good but a lazy no good) in front of me. She was buying steaks and other items with her food stamps that I can't afford and I have a job.

Unfortunately food stamps have gone the way of all flesh and have been replaced by some kind of swipe debit card system. It is a shame. Those stories were a hoot and a sure fire way of smoking bigots out. But, thanks to Google I found out that this genre of urban culture still exist! My question is how did the following sharp eyed observer know that it was a food stamp card?! I never pay attention to what kind of card a person is paying with and I could care less. Think maybe this story is false?

Well I just have to vent! I just came from the Food Market (had to pick up a few things)I was at the meat counter and this couple came running up to the counter with a buggy and loaded it down with almost all of the family pak size of ribeye steaks, well I get behind them at the check out, with my one small pak of pork chops and low and behold the couple pull out they're FOODSTAMP CARD! Anyone with common sense knows what they're going to do with them, sell them for Drugs or what ever! THIS MAKES ME SICK! I work everyday my paycheck gets smaller and smaller because of cost of living and taxes, and I just felt like I was being taken totally advantage of, I felt like it was coming out of my pocket ( which it was) I wanted to say something to them sooo bad, but they weren't the most decent looking people if you know what I mean, I know it is tuff times on people and I know some people need assistance,but I feel it should be limited to the items you can buy with the card like no junk food, no expensive meats etc. it should only be stables such as bread, milk, dry beans,flour, sugar, peanutbutter,eggs, canned fruit ext. Does anyone remember commodities that you used to get, well my grandmother got them we had to go help her pick them up and she was grateful for them and they were all stables they you used and cooked with. if we went back to that or only allowed stables to be bought with the foodstamp card I don't think there would be nearly as many people on them, they would have to cook, I do. They wouldn't be buying all these frozen meals, steaks, and junk food,I guess what I'm trying to say is they would learn to manage they're food purchases and prepare meals, and if they wanted anything else they would have to get off they're asses and go to work! I Do!

Check out this post here some more information about food stamp users and obesity:

Let me digress just a moment though. Stay with me because this is worth it. I found this out doing a Google search for nice quotes about food stamp users. There is actually a Rush Limbaugh Club in Orange County. You can't make this stuff up. Check it out.

Obama? Why didn't he come out against this and let the Bush administration finish its self inflicted self-destruction and take John McCain with him. Obama, I still support you but you missed an opportunity here buddy. You sided with the true Welfare Cheats.

Today I started thinking about how hard I have been on President Bush. So, tomorrow I am going to devote a whole blog column to the postive accomplishments of the present administration.

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