Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cyber War by Russia

First things first. Since this story is so depressing go to this link of a short parody movie Putting on the Ritz staring those two bozos who scare the beejesus out of us - Bush and Putin.

I went online to read the news about the conflict in the Republic of Georgia and found most of the websites DOWN. This included most of the sources on the following list which is available at:

Georgia News Sources
Tbilisi-based weekly online magazine. Find articles, investigative reports and analysis of the news in the South Caucasus.

Civil Georgia
Independent online magazine providing daily news and analysis.

EurasiaNet: Georgia
New York based news and comment service. Funded by the Soros foundation.

Business newspaper written for Georgian opinion leaders and top business decision-makers.

Georgia Today
Weekly newspaper.

Georgian Times
Quality newspaper featuring daily news, investigative reports, business, culture, sports, and more.

English language daily.

Prime News Agency
News agency in Tbilisi, Georgia, providing daily news on Georgia, Caucasus and Former Soviet Union (NIS).

Leading, independent Georgian TV channel.

Sarke Information Agency
News service covering all major events in Georgia. Full text available by subscription.

Sound suspicious? Yep. So I went to slashdot and sure enough someone had already reported something bad going on. A slashdot story also reports widespread evidence of Russian cyber war.

As our intrepid President sits in China lecturing them on religion our country is impotent to act. While we have dulled the claws of the American Eagle the Russian Bear has emerged from hibernation hungry, cranky, and with a new growth of dangerous claws to go forth and do damage with. Is there really NO end to the damage that this president can do as he makes a mockery out of us? I don't think so. Now we have another crisis and there is not a thing we can do about it.

Putin has had Bush's number for a long time. While Putin is an evil bastard he is a smart one and knows that Bush is a dufus. It is pathetic to see Bush's goofy grin when he is around Putin and thinks that he has Putin's number. Then you see Putin's sly KGB grin as he uses his Judo/Sambo skills to slam George around without mercy on the mat.

Here is a cheesecake picture of Putin who is wildly popular with the women and young people in Russia. Believe it or not this picture is not fake. He really did pose for it:

Enjoy this little clip about how Bush has communicated with the Russians:

Very quickly I found two blogs that might help you keep informed beyond the usual suspects like CNN, Reuters, etc:

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