Monday, March 12, 2007

NAACP Protest Rally Against Neo-Nazi Parade of Fools

Hate came to Missouri in the form of a neo-Nazi group on 10 March 2007. They obtained a permit, and marched for about 45 minutes before leaving.

About an hour before that scheduled march, the NAACP held a rally to protest. I attended and the link above takes you to some pictures and speaker comments.

The city of Columbia spent a fortune on providing a police presence and there is some question as to why the city did not deny the permit. There is no absolute right for freedom of speech under all possible circumstances. You can not yell fire in a crowded theater.


hot4coreyalwayz said...

What if we were to say you were a parade of fools. Every warm blooded american is intitled to freedome of speech not just the NAACP. If you can march they can too and thats all i have to say.

mike said...

In several years I have only had two comments in the blog. It is not the most widely read place on the web. The first one was an ad for some porno place. The second comment was in defense of the Nazi march.