Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Why We Have Not Found Bin Ladin

It's hard. Consider this. I looked at the FBI's
ten most wanted but from the information provided
could not find how long the individuals have been
on the loose even though I am sure that most of
them have been on the lam for years. I looked at the
U. S. Marshall's 15 most wanted and found the following
information about some less notorious desperados who
have eluded law enforcement:

*Vincent L. Walters since 1989
*Larry P. Chism since 1988
(even though he escaped in 1978)
*Reginald D. Boxley since 1998

These were the FIRST three people that I looked at!
In less than five minutes on the Internet I found three
people who have eluded capture for years. Some for
over ten years! Even in the United States where we
have sophisticated communication, law enforcement, and
overall national infrastructure we have a hard time
finding people who do not want to be found. Especially
those who are clever, determined, and resourceful.

Supposidly in Afghanistan we have something less than 10,000
personnel (including military and spooks), and Afghanistan
is certainly a nation wannabe - most certainly a work in
progress where the future is unfortunately still in doubt.
Here in America their are neighborhoods where the police
seldom venture, and even small pockets of relative lawless-
ness. In Afghanistan you find small pockets of relative

I'm certainly no law enforcement expert but I imagine that
most criminals who make a run for it are caught for three
basic reasons. They are stupid, do not change their old
ways, and eventually their luck runs out. Those that do
make it on the run are a bit smarter (certainly more
cunning), make a concerted effort to change their ways,
and make their own luck. I suppose that many also have
resources such as cash or associates that can be trusted.

We have not found Bin Laden because he has friends, resources,
and he is clever. In addition, despite all of our technology
the world can still be a very big place to hide. It is nothing
new for outlaws to evade detection, and some do it forever. If
we do find him it will be because we got lucky (even though we
will be able to make the odds a bit more in or favor), because
he is betrayed by someone close to him, or because he makes a
mistake. Of course we have to keep looking but it is more
important for us to address the injustices, and despair, that
fuel terrorism.

If we have a hard time finding people right here in the United
States, on our homefield, it is little wonder that a determined
fanatic such as Osoma can remain on the prowl.

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